A Visit from CPS!

Posted November 10th, 2017 by Cate Muller

This week we welcomed juniors and seniors in the Architecture major in CPS’s Career Technical Education program  from Simeon Career Academy to our office for a visit.  We gave them a tour of our space, shared some of our great work with them, and talked to them about the life of a project, from RFP’s through design and into construction. Their teacher, Mr Stapleton, had given them an assignment, so many asked questions to finish their work.  But they were very engaged and interested and asking questions of their own about our office and the work we do. One student asked what we liked so much about working here at M+M, because he thought it looked like such a fun place to work! And that’s what we told him, we work with good people and we like to have fun together. And that we enjoy being able to work on a variety of public projects that benefit a lot of people in the City. The best question came from another student who asked, if we had to choose one word to describe our job in architecture, what would it be? One answer was Challenging, and the other was Passion.


As they are junior and seniors, many of them are thinking about what to study in college and where to go. So we talked a lot about the different programs and opportunities for them, whether it be going to community college for a couple years first and then transferring into an Architecture program, or the benefits of doing a 4+2 program vs a 5-year program. Many of them had an interest in continuing to pursue architecture, others were thinking more Interior Design, or other fields. We let them know there are a lot of fields of study that relate to the architecture profession, if they wanted to study marketing, computer programming, construction services, whatever it may be, there are many opportunities to work within the profession.


We then had a pizza lunch with them and got to hear from some of the students about their work experiences. One student had a summer internship with DOB that she said she learned a lot and was able to do a variety of tasks. A few other students shared their experience at a summer internship where they got to design a pocket park, and then learn and do some vegetable gardening, which they weren’t so excited about that part.


We’re so glad to be able to host these students, to help them learn more about profession and provide more information to inform their decision on what their career path may be.  We look forward to hosting more students for future tours and to potentially have students come back to the office through the CPS intern program.